So sweet day , sun is touching my skin , skirt is quite delightfull and fun to wear ! felt quite cool init :D thank you my friend taking my photo.(Duygu)

News from my foot for fun

A night in 6th September , 
A late ticket in 5th September..
so what?
A taxi throgh a place in the middle of nowhere..
A Red Zone Gate infront of a Stadium , watching people how the hell they gonna get in there and i wont ! thoughts and thoughts..
so forget about it , just go to the end of the corner , walk around the stadium and see thousand of people infront of me stayin in line. %'&% !
there was some funny guys in line but unknowing soon gonna talk to them and they get me in to the Red Zone part :D 
well yeah talking about U2 360 Tour & Snow Patrol Concert..
here are some pictures from the unforgetable times ever ! 
thanks to my new funny friends lol :) 

upcoming website for Maryapi


What's on your mind ? Your creative energy and ideas should make life a lot easier to deal with for everyone.You need to try something totally new today and you can tell that there are more opportunities than you can easily see , just believe it becomes real.. :)